How To Create A Design Request

Step 1: Login to Asana

Head over to Asana and log in using your email and password you created when originally given access.

Asana Login Page - TKC Graphics

Once logged in you will be sent to your “My Tasks” dashboard. From there you will need to click on your business name in the projects panel on the far left of the screen.

Before we create our first creative request. You can take a look at the sample request under the “New Tasks” Section as a guide to follow when creating your requests.

Step 2: Creating A Task

In your company project dashboard, Click on the Blue “Add Task” Button in the top left of the list pane. If you prefer to copy the example design request under the “New Requests” Section you can do this as well and fill in the desired fields.

Add Task

Once the new task is created, there will be 6 main areas that will need to be filled out. Goal, Graphic Dimensions, Imagery, Text, Priority, & Date.

3. Assign Details


The goal of the project is to simply find out how this graphic will be used and engaged with.

Graphic Dimensions:

What will the layout of this design be? Is it a trifold? A business card? An Instagram image? I will need the desired dimensions of the final design and whether or not it will be printed or online.


What images should be included in the design? If you would like to provide the images you can upload them inside of this design request or if you just have an idea for an image and need this found or created, please be detailed in what you would like. Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash are good sites that provide royalty free images that you are allowed to use free of charge!


What will it say on this design? What will be the headlines, sub-headlines, paragraphs, callouts, everything! Please be sure to spell check before putting this information in. Any misspellings or grammar issues are your responsibility, you enter the request and you approve the request.


How important is this request? Low, Medium, or High? We will sort your design requests based on due date and priority status. The higher the priority the sooner we will get the request started.

Design Requests Priority - TKC Graphics

Due Date:

When is the deadline of when this request needs to be completed? Completed meaning approved and in your hands. Based on this due date we will work backward to find the proper amount of time to have this request done and approved by this time. Please keep in mind approval times, are up to you. The sooner you approve requests the sooner we close the request, deliver the assets, and move on to the next request.

Design Requests Due Date - TKC Graphics

The last thing you must complete to finish creating your design request is to assign it to your designated designer that will already be apart of your team project. In the task pane that opens up on the right side, there will be a circle that says unassigned and when you click that a dropdown with your designer will come out and just select your designer and that completes, creating your design request.

Design Request Designer Assigning - TKC Graphics

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and we will answer this as soon as we can.

Happy Designing!

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