How To Manage A Design Request

Requesting Changes

To make any changes to your design request, the comment area is where you will communicate with your designated designer. You can find the comment area within a design request at the bottom of the design request pane once opened up.

Requesting Changes to a Design - TKC Graphics

You can leave any comments like:

Please make purple background red.

The cell number for this card is “702.334.1231”

Can we make the logo a little lighter on the back of the card?

You and your designer will go back and forth with comments and versions of your design until you approve. Once the design is approved your designer will deliver the assets for your request.

Deleting a Design Request

Deleting a Request - TKC Graphics

If you would like to delete a design request you can do so by going into the design request and clicking the three dots in the top right of the pane pop out. Or you can find the design request in the list of your project dashboard and hold TAB and hit the BKSP buttons on your keyboard and it will delete the design request. Please be cautious of deleting requests that have already been in progress. If you choose to delete at any time please notify your designer so they do not continue working on your request. Any loss projects are your responsibility as a designer will never delete a design request unless given your consent to do so.

Completing A Request

When you are happy with your design and you have approved it and have received the final assets from your designer, we ask you to complete the design request by clicking the checkmark in the project list or the design details pane popup.

Completing a Request - TKC Graphics

This lets everyone know that you are a happy customer and it lets your designer know they can move on to the next design request.

Completing a Request - TKC Graphics

If you have any additional questions regarding your design requests, please comment below and our team will answer your question as soon as possible!

Happy Designing!

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